Saturday, September 6

Today I am ...

... 1. Watching and listening to the rain.2. Reading some new books, all with covers that match the sky.
3. A little light laundry (the kind that can be dried on racks in front of heating vents).


cookiecrumb said...

We are a little late to the air-dried laundry phenomenon (though we are enthusiastic converts). I had been worrying about our encroaching winter weather. Laundry rack in the garage? That would work, though it might take days. Eee. Fungus.
Aha! Heating vents.

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Cookie, it's funny how different places have different traditions. My parents didn't get a dryer until years after I left home, and then refused to use it except for emergencies and I've never had one, never had a dishwasher (non-human variety) either.
I've loads of friends who dry in their carports and such, and even in humidity city (Sydney) no mould reported.