Saturday, September 6

Yesterday I went ...

... 1. To the Friday city markets again (lamb, bread, salmon - rillette & smoked - and leeks, only $5 for 3).
2. A three-hour (work) meeting that has basically spoiled all of next week, sigh.
3. Not out for dinner, a favourite local eatery won 2 hats in the Good Food Guide Awards 2009. Having not paid attention I tried to book a table for Friday night on Friday afternoon (how embarrassing). I don't suppose we'll be able to get in again for months.


Unknown said...

May I say I think you're pretty funny (I'm sure I may). In fact, I like your blog enough to almost look like a stalker, since I looked up your cat blog too. At least I'm not a silent stalker though, and leave appropriate comments.
You are one of those rare people who are able to write about relatively mundane events in daily life, and make them of interest to others- it's quite a gift!

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Wow, thanks Victoria *blushes almost as red as the nice Rs incident *
All the cool kids call it "lurking" and I do it all the time ;)