Saturday, July 26

Anyone want a free bed?

The Brown-Mice are Freecycling a double futon sofa bed & mattress.
It's on Gumtree too now.
Edited to add - It's gone. Not even 1/2 a day. Yay. Brown-Mice are quietly celebrating with a glass of chilled Poachers Blend.


Pink Granite said...

I think Roo did something similar a few weeks ago.

We have a building in town where folks can bring what they don't want, but which still has life in it. Then other folks rummage through and find their new-to-them treasure.
Have a good weekend!
- Lee

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Lee - we have a similar thing, on the day before council clean up day you put stuff you don't want on the side of the road, people take what they want and the council clears up the rest! *wanders off to find out when next clean up day is*

Roo said...

I did I did! It's a really good way to not just dump stuff. So far I have got rid of a TV, two coffee tables, and single bed and mattress. You won't believe soem of the stuff that you get on their, like "3 planks of wood" and "slightly yellowing broccoli, good for pet food" - I am seriously not joking about the pet food one!

Have a good day you tow, the sun shineth, I'm awake far to early, so I am going to sit in my fave chair and read a book in the sun.. ;o)

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Crikey I think it's gone already! And I didn't have to offer any inducements like only-slightly-yellowing broccoli!

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Roo, sun's gone down already, I had a nana-nap on the new couch in the afternoon though!

Anonymous said...

what will i sleep on now?? S

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Panic not litte sister, the new sofa is a sofa BED!
*new sheet possibilities running through my mind*