Saturday, July 26

It's 8:38AM ...

... Saturday morning. I'm up, showered & dressed. ON A SATURDAY.
Why? Because delivery companies won't give you a time only "between 8:30 and 11:00".
Edited to add - It's arrived. At 10 past 11, but MONTHS early so I can't help but be pleased. Pictures to follow once I've found the camera battery recharger thingy (I've run out of likely places too look - where can it be?).


cookiecrumb said...

What'd you get??
I recently had a couch delivered in two boxes. We had to put the thing together ourselves (and it worked).

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Cookie, 'twas the new couch, the one that wasn't going to arrive until September. It arrived fully assembled, thank goodness!

e said...

Can't wait for the pictures!!

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Can't find that bloody recharger!!!!

Pink Granite said...

I too am looking forward to the pictures.

When hunting for something, remember to look up.
We often look down (as if we dropped a penny), so it helps to look up more.

Also, if you want to try a pra... - well - er - let's call it an "incantation" or a "folk remedy":
"St. Anthony, St. Anthony send my (camera battery recharger thingy) back to me!"
Good luck!
- Lee

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Lee, I'll give looking up a go, ta. As for the folk remedy, hmmmm, it would make me ever so slightly hypocritical would it not ;)

Pink Granite said...

Knowing your position on "Imaginary Friends" I could not resist!
- Lee

Anonymous said...

Oh, i was reading in reverse order, tis ok about the whole sleeping thing now. xS

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Lee, you tease :) Though I have in the past called xmas carols traditional folk tunes - so you were on the mark!
Battery recharger found, not "up" but "under", Mr Brown knew exactly where it was, "in the corner unit, under the booze". But of course!