Saturday, July 26

I'm a bit over pumpkin ...

... actually, truth be told, I quite sick of it.
Last weekend I bought a whole Jap Pumpkin, I couldn't resist 79c for a whole pumpkin, bargain.
But, of course, it meant we had to eat the bugger.
And so it began.
Monday, wholemeal pancakes stuffed with pumpkin, ecshalot, fetta and pancetta.
Wednesday, lamb & lentil shepherd’s pie only the mashed potato topping was mashed pumpkin (and parsnip, there was a spare one lurking in the crisper).
Thursday, pumpkin, chickpea and chicken red curry.
Saturday, roast lamb shanks with roast spuds AND roast pumpkin.
There's still a bit left so I'm guessing it's pumpkin soup for Sunday dinner (with orange perhaps, or Indian spices, or maybe coriander and coconut milk).
But then that's it, no more pumpkin for a while.


Pink Granite said...

They all sound yummy - but perhaps not i the same week!
Make and freeze for later?
- Lee

e said...

Wait till Thanksgiving (November), and then have pumpkin pie. It's delicious! One of my favorites, also because I can scoop out the filling and leave the glutenous crust behind.

cookiecrumb said...

I love the sound of everything you made, and I hope you got around to that soup, too.
But, yes. Too much pumpkin.
Could you open a pumpkin restaurant?

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Lee - if only I could freeze. Unfortunately the only freezer we have is the size of a car glovebox.
E - oh no pumpkin pie for me, I've tried it WAY too sweet, just weird.
Cookie - hehe, after tonight's soup (I've decided on Pumpkin, green lenti & a little spice) there will be no pumpkin left for a pumpkin restaurant venture, shame!

Roo said...

Morgan - have your tried ginger and pumpkin jam? fab!

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Roo, it sounds interesting but I'm not a big jam fan really. I buy it, try it and then wait until it grows a mold bloom on top so I can throw it away!
(I much prefer vegemite you see).