Tuesday, June 24

Smell ...

... the first posh smell I ever bought for myself was Eau Savage by Doir.My Grandfather wore it, my father wore it, I loved it's lemony, herbal smell, I wore it throughout my first grown-up job. I met Mr Brown, he commandeered it for himself.
I gained Chanel No 5, so I didn't complain too hard.Next, I discovered Bay Rhum - so spicy, so herbal, so delicious. Himself, again, appropriated my smell.Bastard.
I may start wearing it again.
Also, I've been watching mummy ferret & bebe ferret on ferretcam. Squeeee.


Pink Granite said...

Royall Bay Rhum has a lovely smell.
I know you enjoy different scents, so I encourage you to take it back and enjoy it again!
- Lee

cookiecrumb said...

Amazing. I bought myself a bottle of Eau Sauvage in Quebec when I was in college. And I commandeered my mom's Chanel No. 5, not long after.
Did I already tell you I'm treating myself to a French scent for children that smells like grapefruit? I bathe in it all summer. It's called Bonpoint.
I send love to you today; I feel that way. :)

Anonymous said...

Och those ferretses are the cutest little things ever!!
As for scent, B is allergic to manufactured aromas .. sigh .. so I wear my faves only very rarely. My fave favourite is still Romance by Ralph Lauren. My 2nd fave is Burberry by .. well. Burberry. But I am going to have to find Royall Bay Rhum as I have never even heard of it and I am now most curious as to its smellage. Thank you for opening my eyes (and nostrils) to the potential of new scents! xxx

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Lee - I did.
Cookie, wow we must be smell twins! Ta for the love too I'm pretty sure I felt something that day ;)
CAW, does that mean B can't wear nice smells or that you can't wear them around him?

Roo said...

I'd worry if your man starting nicking our scents!!

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Roo – I can’t imagine why, I have a sneaking suspicion that you both have excellent taste in smells and am sure you smell divine darling ;)