Wednesday, June 25

2 things ...

... 1. My boots arrived last night – so I’m wearing them today of course, I am liking them quite a very much.
2. This morning, on the wee train, I heard faint music. At first I muttered to myself about how damaging it is to ears, if I can hear what you are listening to on your stupid ipod. BUT, it turned out a man was playing the ukulele, occasionally bursting into soft song. A dapper gent in a nice blue suit. A chap who, on disembarking, popped his instrument into his backpack and began the march up Pitt St. I hope we catch the same train again.


Pink Granite said...

Sounds like a scene from a movie - a very nice movie!
Glad the boots ordering worked out so well.
- Lee

e said...

How Hawaiian.