Monday, June 23

Gentlemen can look away now ...

... have you sat in your doctor's office and, when asked the question "when was your last period?" had to shamefully admit you don't actually know? You know, and sat there and tried to remember while your doctor rolled her eyes and wondered who put you in charge of a body?
Well I have, several times, most blushmaking.
So, way back in 2004, I started keeping a little chart/calendar thing in my diary - from here. I just update it every year. This takes a while and is quite fiddly, making it small enough to fit into my filofax, getting the dates right bla, bla, bla.
Well, no more - technology has come a long way bebe - welcome to Mon.thly.Info.
It's free, the more info you put in the more accurate it becomes, and it will send you a little email warning you "Aunt Flow" is about to visit.
And it's told me I'm in my luteal phase, which is linked to the dreaded PMT. And, since I'm sad enough to enter all my dates from January 2004 (yes, I'm also sad enough to have kept all the little charts tucked away), I've discovered I've a 26 day cycle rather than the traditional 28, basically an extra 1 or 2 "lady days" a year.
Buggeration. No wonder I'm so grumpy.


Anonymous said...

"lady days" I LOVE IT. What a quaint term, altho I'm sorry to hear about your grumpiness. It goes hand in hand with my current sickiness which is making me very cross indeed. I actually don't know if it's a continuation from the last thing I had or something new. It's vile, whatever it is.
Now. I'm pleased to report that my last proper lady's day was sometime in 2002 I believe. July perhaps.
Yes. Such is the miracle of the contraceptive device inside my arm :)

e said...

I have a pretty reliable 25 day cycle. Sometimes 26 or 27, but never less than 25. And then it's over in about 36 hours, 48 if it's really bad. Woot! I keep track of it on my paper weekly planner, mostly so it won't catch me off guard on a day in court, for example. But I'll check out the site, too.

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Poor CAW, sicky, blerg - I do trust you are well soon, isn't it summer over your way about now?
E - I'm generally never caught out as my mood & discomfort levels warn me somthing's about to happen, but it's being asked when the last one was, unless it was yesterday I find it difficult to remember. Lucky you on the short timeframe though, wowza.

Pink Granite said...

Dear e -
Seriously???? 36 - 48 hours?????
Dang! You are one lucky gal!

Dear DMM -
Being the spring chicken that you are, wait until they begin asking you the following:
"Do you still get your period?"
I was so indignant at the first nurse that asked me that question I could have smacked her!
- Lee

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Lee, I don't want to wish away my life but ... the day I don't have to worry about that anymore ...

Ms Brown Mouse said...

CAW - I too like lady days, the site I linked to had some CLEARLY boy names for the event too! Bastards.

Pink Granite said...

Oh please don't misunderstand. I've always had periods from hell. So, if I could wave a magic wand and finally pitch all my monthly paraphernalia I would do it in a heartbeat (short of surgery that is)!
I was simply insulted that she thought I was too "elderly" to still be suffering on a monthly basis!!!
- Lee

e said...

Yup. 36-48 hours. I'm usually horrified when friends tell me about their periods, but I am clearly the exception and not the rule.

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Lee, I want to poke young folk in the eye when they call me Madam - cheeky sods ;)

LBA said...

I had an Aunty Flo.

I knew used to get her wicked wink and cackle to other adults as she played her name for all it was worth.

Not until much later.
And then it was too late to enjoy her wink wink nudge nudge :)

Katie Zeller said...

I had a hysterectomy...Necessary, not life-threatening, but necessary.
Best thing that ever happened to me - freedom is glorious!

Roo said...

Did you know that Filofax actually do a PMT insert? Don't ask why I know that!

Ms Brown Mouse said...

H&B If my name was Flo I'd have had fun with it too.
Katiez - I've had several people tell me that - it would take rather a load off the mind too methinks!
Roo - I am now, as I type, kicking myself for all those years of going BLIND making a wee chart to fit in my bloody filofax *grrrr*