Saturday, June 21

It's the first day of winter ...

... the Winter Solstice. So, goodbye Autumn, it's time to change the seasonal colour of the dancingmouse blog.
Funnily enough, even though it poured rain last night, today, the first day of winter, is bright, cold but sunny. Time for a little light laundry I think.


Pink Granite said...

Happy Winter Solstice!
From Happy Summer Solstice!
- Lee

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Enjoy your summer as I will my winter. Still not cold enough for a coat most mornings though, I'm wondering if I'll ever get to wear my vegan fox fur!

Roo said...

First new day of Summer here - raining! No change there then.

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Roo - still, it's nice for the ducks eh?