Thursday, June 5

It rained last weekend ...

... it has rained all week and the forcast is it will continue to rain until next Wednesday.
Accordingly, Mr Brown brought one of these home this evening.
We were running out of knickers & socks you see.


cookiecrumb said...

What will this do for your carbon footprint? I mean, jeepers, lady.

Ms Brown Mouse said...

It will make my carbon footprint dainty, no electricity or gas is burned to dry my smalls!

Pink Granite said...

Very nice!

I've always thought this kind was clever:

Happy laundering!
- Lee

e said...

I have one of those too, though it never rains here.

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Lee, that is rather nice. I quite like the ones that hang from the ceiling too.
E - poor you, I'll wish a little of my weekend rain your way.