Saturday, June 7

Last night ...

... I was a good corporate wife and accompanied Mr Brown to a work do. It was a retirement affair for a railway trade unionist. A rather lovely chap as it turned out, much loved and appreciated by his colleagues. He was the good sort, who fought for the rights of all, not just paid up members.
But my goodness the speeches .... union chaps, the could speechify the ears off a politician.


Pink Granite said...

"My brothers and sisters in the union..."

I have fond memories of when I first joined a union. It wasn't long before I became a steward. Chuck was chief steward for many years.

But talking? Oh yes, we all certainly could!
- Lee

Ms Brown Mouse said...

"The Union forever,defending our rights
Down with the blackleg,all workers unite
With our brothers and our sisters from many far-off lands
There is power in a Union"

But oh the meetings, how they did go on and on and on.

e said...

Well, union leaders are politicians of sorts, aren't they?