Sunday, June 17

Don't Stay Home Without It ...

... shouted the headline in this weekend's Good Weekend (weekly magazine insert from the SMH). The article listed 30 "home essentials" required in order for a person or persons to attain "modern living". With breath held and fingers crossed I went through the list, hoping the Brown-Mouse house would come up to scratch, we don't want to be old-fashioned dinosaurs after all.
1. Garland light - nope.
2. Ikea tea lights - oooh, tick.
3. Set of plain white china, tick.
4. Aino tumblers - no.
5. Louis Ghost Chair - no.
6. Billy bookcase - yes, several and needing more.
7. Tivoli Platinum Model One Radio - nope, but it does look rather cool.
8. Clean windows - tick.
9. Aalto vase - no.
10. Scented candles - yep.
11. Dualit toaster - no, bugger all, Mr Brown simply refuses to let me spend $600 to $800 on a toaster. Somewhere, deep down I must know he's right since I've not just gone out and bought one anyway. (though it may have more to do with the fact that they don't make them in yellow).
12. Vertebrata umbrella stand - no.
13. A precious family heirloom - hmmm, no, I don't think so, unless a grandmother's ring counts.
14. Ceramic mixing bowls - grrrr, not any more.
15. Good wine glasses - hey, cors we do.
16. Vip 11 toilet brush - NO and even I'm not daft enough to pay $270 for a loo brush.
17. Unused novelty kitchen appliance - nope, if we don't use it, out it goes.
18. Mortar and pestle - tick.
19. An eye-catching tea towel - several.
20 - Le Creuset casserole dish - tick, tick (2).
21. Patterned cushions - yep.
22. Low-energy light bulbs - of course.
23. Le Parfait preserving jars - many.
24. Bialetti Moka espresso maker - one of many coffee makers in this little house.
25. Goose-down quilt - tick.
26. Sunbeam Mixmaster - no, ours is KitchenAid.
27. Good coat hooks - nar, just hooks on the backs of doors.
28. Books - oh yes indeedy.
29. The best sofa you can afford - tick (but we call it a couch).
30. A great piece of Australian art - tick (art being subjective after all).
So, that's 17 out of 30. A nice balance methinks, not totally tragic but not complete daggs either.


e said...

I fare much more poorly than you do. First, what's a billy bookcase, and how is it different from regular bookcases?

I have: 8. clean windows
13. a precious family heirloom (3, including a ring)
17. unusued kitchen gadgets, but not sure that they're novelty
27. good coat hooks
29. best sofa I can afford, but want a more expensive one

Ah, well. I have other skills.

Roo said...

I'm pretty happy with my score,(16) and I've posted a picture for you on LLWW ;o)

Ms Brown Mouse said...

E - Billy bookcases are nice plain ones from Ikea.
Roo - oooh off to look!

Chester The Bear said...

I'm sure if I was still married, The Evil One would have made sure we scored 30 out of 30.

Without her, I'm very comfortable (and a lot richer) at 6/30.

I did notice that they left off the Alessi Pepper Grinder ($480)... we had one of those.

e said...

Yay - I have said bookcases. Which ties me w/ Chester at 6/30. Domestic goddesses we may not be, Chester, but it's because we're too busy being pet slaves. :o)

Ms Brown Mouse said...

The Alessi kettle, with the little bird whistle wasn't on the list either - we have one of those (blush).

Roo said...

I posted the rest of the colours.. just in case you decide to go pink, or blue, or grey, or black, or silver, or red.. or...

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Oh no Roo, it has to be yellow, to match the mixmaster, the blender and the coffee machine!
(Mr Brown drew the line when we bought our mini years ago, insising on green - I wanted yellow).

LBA said...

I got 14.

I allowed myself to tick the sofa, but we could probably afford 'better' .. but everyone comments our IKEA EKTORP couch ( with half foam/half feather cushions ) is the comfiest ever, and they're always surprised to hear it's from the Scandinavian chain store.

And we like it.
And some of those fancy-pants sofas are goddamn ugly.

So there :p

Ms Brown Mouse said...

H&B - comfort is MOST important - otherwise, what's the point?