Tuesday, June 19

Whipped Cream ...

... while hunting and gathering at the weekend, Mr Brown & I noticed you can now buy pre-whipped cream. I'm not talking about the stuff in a can, it comes in a pot, but whipped up. So basically someone is selling air, and a little cream.
Anyhoo, we wondered who on earth would be inclined to purchase a pot of pre-whipped cream? (not as if it's a hard thing to do, whip cream). I wondered this out loud at work yesterday afternoon, a comrade responded "eastern suburbs bachelors".


e said...

I would totally buy it, I have a thing for white foods. And then I'd get messy with it on the way home. In the car. While driving. Oh, yeah!

Roo said...

DMM - that has to be the laziest most stupid product so far.. unless anyone knows better!

e - goodness..what would you do for a white chocolate trifle?? ;o)

e said...

Roo, if I said, this blog would be flagged for inappropriate content.

And lazy is such a strong word... I would say, portable. Never be without whipped cream, would be the tag line if I were writing that ad copy.

Chester The Bear said...

Ooo. Makes you wonder what chemicals they put in it to keep it whipped.

Stick to the olf fashioned 'do it yourself' kind, methinks.

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Other lazy products that have amazed me - pre chopped onions, pre shreaded chicken, pre cutup and roasted spuds, par-cooked rice!!! pre mashed spuds and pumpkin and pre made piklets - no wonder the "youf" of today can't cook - sheesh.
Whipping cream, good for the arm muscles (& you get to lick the beaters).

Roo said...

You know, I was going to add a comment that included my other half, and cream, and as I half typed it, I realised that it sounded so rude that I laughed and thought better of it. ;o)... now you will never know, but I'd love to know what you make up!

And DMM, how come when I say piklets down here in the south of England,(I'm from the North) that they look at me like I have two heads, yet all the way over there, you know what they are?

e - would you like the recipe fro the white chocolate trifle ;o)

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Roo - they don't eat piklets in the south?? or is it they call them something daft, like drop scones? He he, I like (hand) whipped cream and jam on my piklets!
Can't explain why we call em piklets in the great southern land - one of those great linguistic mysteries.

LBA said...

I dunno .. I could see me buying it in a pinch ;)

I'm forever running out and grabbing stuff at the last minute.
Disorganised lazy, I often am ;)

Anonymous said...

i'd buy all the pre whipped cream in the shop and throw it out, en masse. no way would i eat that stuff! i choke even thinking about the spray-in-a-can cream over here.

if the cream is to be whipped, then this little duck buys it in the carton - all runny like. then whips it up. im with chester - i cant imagine what dogeared chemicals are in it to keep it pre-whipped.

yeh, i know my way is the long way but as i can't get king island cream here, or clotted cream or double cream, i prefer to stick to what i know - which is getting my ancient whisker (or kitchenmaid) out and doing it from scratch.

how i miss king island cream.

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Hey caw - we have king island creme fraiche in the fridge at the mo - waiting to be turned into lasagne