Sunday, June 17

Finished reading ...

... the last 2 Laurie R. King Mary Russell & Sherlock Holmes novels.
The Game (most excellent) and Locked Rooms (damned fine). The Game worked Rudyard Kipling's Kim into the story while Locked rooms had Dashiell Hammett written in and working with Holmes.
Bugger all and damnit, why does the good stuff read so fast? now I have to wait until she writes another one - sigh.
Lucky for my my last birthday pressie was presented to me last night, Cultural Amnesia by Clive James - what a tome 40 years in the writing according to Mr James, this should keep my busy for a while.


e said...

That's how I feel about Harry Potter books. I read them cover to cover, then have to wait for MONTHS AND MONTHS for the next one. And now the last one is coming out. It's very distressing, but at least I won't have to wait anymore.

That's right. Harry Potter. What?

Ms Brown Mouse said...

heheheehe, me too, I've even pre-booked the next one so I can get the free owl toy (blush).