Sunday, September 24

I wouldn't ...

Die rather than renounce Jeebers.
Aunty B over at Tiny Cat Pants had an interesting wee post today, about scary christians who'd rather die than renounce and would encourage others to do the same. A frightening christian woman even denounced a couple of journalists who faked converting to Islam, to save their lives. Rather callous & unforgiving if you ask me.
Me? I'd renounce (that would be the easy bit); I'd fake conversion to Islam, Hinduism, Christianity, Buddhism, or anything else to save my skin. And once I was out of there, I'd revert right back to my own atheist (with just a touch of humanism) self. It's not religion that's going to save the world, it's secular humanism. Well, that plus tolerance and a bit more of a sense of humour!

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