Friday, September 22

Soooooo tired ...

so terribly, terribly tired. And a teeny bit pissed. A wicked, wicked woman somehow tricked/talked me into going half-sies in a bottle of sparkling white Australian wine, so I was home late, had to rush the fish pie & only just made FridaynightcrimeontheABC!
Oooh, Mr Brown has just brought me a hot chocolate, I think I may drink it and go to bed.
This is very sad, he's in the Brown-Mouse favourite TV show, Top Gear - other that how fab the food is at the temple of love, how much we love this silly, silly show is one of the few things we actually agree on - clearly a very rare thing indeed.
Not wanting to be a grief tourist (eg Mr Irwin & Mr Brock) I'll say no more but I do hope the dopey boy is ok.


caw said...

Yessum, I agree in hoping the Hamster (as he is apparently affectionately known) is doing all right. I've never seen the show but have heard it's v good.
You and Mr Brown *BOTH* watch it even tho it is a car type show, complete with rev head types??
;) lol

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Yep both of us, he likes the cars & the funny boys and the driving. Me I think it's one of the funniest programmes on TV. It may be about cars but they deal with the with humour & style. The are very witty & clever boys. One of them likes cats too!