Thursday, March 16

I'm a bit of a phonics fan ...

It is, after all, how I a tackle a new word. I sound out the letters (I also look it up in a Dictionary or ask my Mum), & it works for me. It worries me that it's not being taught as a useful tool to kiddies at school (from what I remember at school I got a bit of both, Phonics & Whole-Word, a mix of sounding out & flashcards).
But what disturbs me most about this article is that it would appear the author, Miranda Devine, whom I always believed was a made-up person, a little 'joke' the Herald was having with its readers, was a member the committee of the National Inquiry into the Teaching of Literacy. This means she is REAL & I'll have to start reading her stuff with the knowledge that she actually means what she says (rather than larf along with the 'joke').
Oh dear.
On a happier note, there was a pair of Kookaburras at the station this morning, chuckling away. I'm glad these birdies still hang out in the inner west, makes me feel kind of warm & fuzzy. Mr Brown & I saw one the other weekend, bashing a chop bone to death on a neighbour's fence, we'd been drawn out by the noise of said chop bone being wacked on wood.

Ohh, and this is fun, turns out I'm an Atheist, right on the cusp of humanist - I won't argue with that.


caw said...

Oooo, I like your proximity to the Humanist box. I apparently am a "Spiritualist" which is not too ghastly.

Ah, the cock poor plight of Sydney made me cranky - these smart women actually put up with being on the lazy Susan of dating?

Makes me relieved to be an old married lady. None of this standing in line, waiting for my number to be called. Quelle horreur!

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Better than finding out you are a scientologist methinks! But does that mean you'll be taking to talking to ghosts>
I'm constantly amazed at what seemingly clever women will put up with - I'd rather have my dignity (ooh, the sin of pride!) Good thing you selected a non-sydney boy too - the only way to go really.

caw said...

hey! I emailed you but it got bounced back from the server on your endage.

I just resent it again, it's further to that discussion we were having before I up and went out for dinner. Would have been Friday, about 3pm your time.

Didya get the bounced one eventually??

I'll resend to your other account :)

Curiouser and curiouser.


Ms Brown Mouse said...

I hate a certain government department! Nuff said.