Sunday, August 6

Simply unable to resist a bargain ...

Did the usual weekly hunting & gathering this afternoon - no intention of buying anything other than food, dishwashing liquid, kitty litter, the usual. But then we saw these from this bloke, and at $5.95 for the 4 (and in a dinky little box) well, who could resist? Not the Brown Mice that's fer sure!
We scampered home and fired up Francis-Francis for some Latte love'n. Isn't he just the darling-est little espresso machine? Just perfect for the Brown Mouse house (where we've abandoned all attempts a classy monotonal minimalism and let our love of colour run wild).


caw said...

oh, my comments didn't come thru it seems ... Boogle Glogger was having comment trub yesterday.

I was asking how your first latte tasted ... the one which Frank-Frank made! Was he a roaring success? He is most beautiful I must say.

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Actually your comment did appear, just on the poss blog "who's responsible?" - First la la latte was lovely - Mr Brown is a most excellent barista!