Saturday, August 5


Empty ... & Full.

Ping likes brains.

Poor wee fella's lucky to have anything in his noggin at all!


caw said...

What a cutie pie! Did Ping keep sitting on his head and squashing out all his grey matter brainies ? That made me laugh!

Is this said kitty of which we have been discussing of late?

(late, not to be confused with latte of course, per previous comment re Frank-Frank)

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Yers this is CAW's kitty. Ping just kept stealing the stuffing though she did run orf with the head at one stage - she tis tres cheeky & norty that Pingu the Wondercat.

caw said...

How funny! They are both quite wonderous - Ping and the blue kitty - I'm loving his little pink nose and bebe sized whiskers - so cute!!