Tuesday, August 8

Census Night

A guilty secret - I LOVE CENSUS NIGHT - I just love it, I have this thing for filling in forms.
I must confess that such a large and important form requires some outside assistance in the form of a nice glass of dry white fermented juice of the grape and some cheesy nachos (not shown, too shaming).
And we were orf. I got to be person 1 this year (Mr Brown has somehow managed to argue his way to person 1-hood in all other census years).
But for a little altercation about the number of hours each person spent on "unpaid household duties" all went quite well this year.
Ping and Small don't count, being quadrupeds and almost completely covered in fur (and nicer than most people I know). Ping waded in with a little protest action but, being quite wee, was pushed aside (& paid off with the licking of the now empty cheesy nacho plate - she's so easy).
Mr Brown lobbied to put down "Jedi" for religion. I successfully argued that, as we didn't really believe in any being or higher thingy we couldn't actually, in all honesty, put anything other than NO RELIGION. Since I held the Mont Blanc & was person 1, I had my way - the power has quite gone to my head!


caw said...

oo. I dint fill in a census form. Will I get the sack?

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Don't think they have em in the excited states!

Chester The Bear said...

I'm dangerous with a Census Form.

My old (and now departed) cat Stranger made it onto the form more than once...

Sam Stranger
Occupation: Pest Control

Ms Brown Mouse said...

I'm inspired - the furries may get counted next time, occupations pest control & entertainment managers.