Thursday, August 10

Yet another tetra pocket

This time it was designed to send some fog & rain over to horridly-hot america, failed on that score so something else was stuffed inside.
It accompanied the pointy kitty - Ping gave it some kitty lessons before it went in the box - tummy display is a very important part of the job of being a proper kitty.


caw said...


Oh, we soooooo need fog and rain - yesterday it was ghastly hot at nearly 40 celcius *again*. I am extremely most excellently looking forward to crash-tackling the postman when he comes by our house so I can tip that fog n rain out of his Postman Pat mail truck & sprinkle it liberally on our garden.

Little Kitty is going to live in my office - I already have a special space reserved for him (her?) on my bookshelf. I shall e you a photie in the fullness of time of LK in his/her new abode - thank you so much DMM. oo la! mweeeeh!

Ms Brown Mouse said...

BUT BUT BUT - all the rain & fog leaked out CAW, I couln't send it - pity that cos there's plenty at this end but there you go - something else was stuffed inside instead - I'm sure you'll like it though (but perhaps not until it cools down!).

caw said...

ooooooooooooo! T'is fine to be rainless & fogless - I am keen to inspect the tetra upon its arrival! It looks most precious and luvverly indeed, you clever clog you.
I tried to sew something once but ran over my little fingernail with the Bernina needle & pinned it to the fuzzy cloth. It was a nightmare to wrest out from the wicked sewing machinery.
It took me a year to not finish making a baby's bib and half a skirt.

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Not wanting to sound like a show orf but my mum had me sewing my own clothes from highschool!
Never sewed my finger - sewed the leg of a pair of jeans together once, when trying to patch them.