Saturday, July 1

Scenes from a winter garden ...

Wintering Oak Leaf Hydrangea & Fountain Grass
Blue skies
Thriving ferns
embryonic Snowdrops
Pale pink Camellias
Sunning cats
Dark pink Camellias
Fallen leaves from the Japanese Maple & Japanese Windflowers


caw said...

Oooooo, I love autumn (or is it really winter already?) and the coloured leaves and the cool crisp days. Sigh.

It always amazed me how it rained more in summer in Sydney than in winter. That winter was really very termperate and perfectly pleasant.

We are baking here. Each day is on avge about 35 celcius. Poooeeeh. Time for a dip in the new pool.

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Tis winter officially but since the japanes maple was designed for cooler climes it think's it's only autumn. Some years it doesn't even drop it's leaves and they only fall when the new spring growth pushs through. I LOVE Autumn & Spring, quite like Winter and HATE DOUBLE HATE Summer. I should probably have been born somewhere a little more temperate!