Friday, June 30

A better train experience ...

So this morning, waiting for the little train to roll in to Lilyfield, I saw a gentleman dolled up to the nines in a way I've only ever seen in women before.
He was wearing dark-brown suede Gucci loafers (with tassels and golden Gucci horse bit details), a fancy Fendi scarf and a Louis Vuitton computer case/brief case. He topped it all off with a pair of pale bone trousers, perfectly pressed, and big puffy parka-like brown suede jacket. All that conspicuous display of luxury labels is usually the domain of a certain type of woman (bleached blonde, dead straight hair, orange fake-tanned skin, big impressive fake boobs and pouty fish lips, topped off with those huge blow-fly sunglasses). He was the BIZ man, I could just imagine him gazing in the mirror and saying to himself, “ohhh yeah, that’s a good look”.


caw said...

Wow, what a package. But I wonder, if he could afford such fine things, what on earth was he doing catching a train instead of taking a limo???

Ponderous, no?!

(not to say that only poor people catch trains, but you know what I mean) :) xx

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Perhaps he takes public transport so he can share his look with the public!