Wednesday, July 12

Another birthday

My Mum's this time, she's 27 & a bit (has been for ages). So I made up another of those wee pockets.This time a lovely dark blue but lined with pale pink (lining was a new idea). Then I prettied it up with some beads from my stash.I picked a nice cobalt blue sugar "focal" bead (the preferred beadie term I think) which is lumpy, like it was rolled in sugar, and a little pink & blue flower bead to dangle from the front point.I stuffed it with a box of fancy glass-headed pins (Mum's favourite type of pin, nice & sharp and easier to see & pick up than the plain jobbies). Then I carefully packed it up in a box with some Cat's Tongues,vanilla again but with a touch of lemon.
I hope the postie doesn't fling the box against the door or anything, those Cat's Tongues aren't as durable as the real thing.
Happy birthday Ma xx.

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