Monday, June 5

A long drive just for lunch

Mr Brown & I drove to Canberra & back on Sunday, for lunch, with his mum & the good twin sister, Dexter. That's over two hours driving there and then the same back again - don't anybody tell me I'm not a good wife!
We stopped at one of my favourite garden nurseries on the way home - I always do that when we go to Canberra, go to one or two of the nurseries. I've searched high and low, driven over the bridge and into the mountains and have yet to find a really good nursery, the kind that makes you want to come back weekend after weekend! Canberra, on the other hand, has heaps, dozens and I miss them terribly.
I bought myself a Buddha head, finished in my favourite pottery glaze, crystal or something, a better example of the glaze is my blue plate.Anyhoo, Buddha is sitting outside right now, in the rain. Oh, yes, it rained all night last night and goes on as I type. I'd like to do some washing but I'd rather it rained.


caw said...

Nahce Buddah Head. I'm loving it muchly. B wants to buy one to hang on the bedroom wall opposite the the end where our feet go.

I feel a tad wierded out by that. I mean. Imagine. It's like having an extra set of eyes in the room.

So. I hung a poem on the wall instead where the Buddah Head spot had been earmarked. Wicked and evil of me but I'm going to hell anyway :)

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Eyes looking at you in bed is tres creepy, a poem is a much better idea!