Monday, June 12

And then ...

I used up the last of the lemon crop making Lemon & Almond Curd - recipe care of the Chocolate & Zucchini blog (so I don't have to type the thing out).

A little time consuming but what else would I be doing anyway? (Take care when you lift the bowl off the water, steam burns).

And, although it looks a little like something one of the furry girls hurled up on the carpet, it tastes great.

So, when life hands you lemons, make Lemon & Almond Curd bebes!

So that's the last of the lemons, the leftover juice is freezing as I type. Hmmm, come on the zucchini season!


caw said...


But. Um.

What does one do with it?

My grandma used to make lemon ice cream. I think I might look for a recipe for it and try my hand at it. Lemons are luvverly.

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Well apparently you have it on toast but I'm not a toast with sweet things girl so that's not for me. I think it would be nice ON ice cream but traditionally it's used to fill lemon tarts - so I guess I'll be making a tart tonight!