Monday, May 8

The expectations of others

I blogged a while ago about the expectations and ambitions that others had on my behalf, workwise, and how confident others were on my behalf. Well ... it seems that perhaps it was not entirely and completely misplaced and perhaps I should cut myself a break now and then.
Seems I'm about to spend 12 months doing a different job someplace else, a sort of temporary promotion thingy. As soon as my "release date" is "negotiated" - Crikey, sounds ominous and rather goal-like.
Of course this means leaving my "comfort zone" and a job I really like with (mostly) people I've grown very fond of indeed, and doing something almost but not entirely different (but for a bit more moolah). I'm nervous but surprisingly ok with this - gawd, fingers crossed I don't completely cock things up!
To celebrate this, first thing of the next 3 good things, Mr Brown & I had a teeny tiny bottle of Moet. Twas rather nice.
Also, I picked our first lemon off our first Sydney lemon tree - a bit of a moment for Mr Brown and me, we are so proud!


Ilva said...

Congratulations to both big events!

caw said...

** wooo hooo to yooo *

Fab news on both counts, esp the jobbie (altho I always knew that was pretty much in the baguette :))

As you know, I always maintain that as long as one's familiars are in close proximity, one will fine. Bravo!

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Well thank you both. Of course now I'll just moan about the new job but at least I'll be able to go home and make lemonade!

spindleshanks said...

hooray for new job - and going back, for your great big bee. mr brown is earning his keep and gets brownie points from me (and that farting in bed thing - they all do it, there's no hope of stopping it - as long as he doesn't force you under the duvet at the same time..)

Ms Brown Mouse said...

ooh SS Mr Brown knows the "dutch oven" thing would end in divorce! Boys and farting, what can you do. Mr Brown is also a bit softy for our blue banded bees, he gets cross with me when I make them wave their legs at me (apparently this is harrassment),