Thursday, May 25

Face Appendage

Today coming home on the little train, I sat opposite a man with several moles on his face. One of them was the size of a raspberry, the colour of a raspberry and the shape of a raspberry - hanging off his face, almost but not quite jiggling. It took ALL my self control not to stare and stare with my mouth wide open (or to reach over and tweak it off!).


caw said...

Lo! Stop that! Yes, that would be a hard urge to fight that one. Well done.

Hey, my emails to your work address are getting bounced back :( I tried to send you this:

Draw a pig and tell me what it says about you but TURN the volume DOWN if you don't want to hear the pig oinking at work ;) It is fab, i love it.

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Draw a pig turned up at my home email so blerg to the emailmonster that is the department that cannot be named. I may have been premature re getting outlook, the department that cannot be named has dug in it's heels, still, at least now I've got non-web-setup email and is a little better!
I sent you my piggie results. My fave toy when very small was Piggy, a stuffed pid with a STRAIGHT tail!