Saturday, May 13


Read the paper in bed with coffee, toast & the girls to keep me company. Got up & did a little light housework and noticed the 2nd camellia is in bloom, the pale pink one.We have 3 Camellias, the bright pink one flowers first, then the pale pink one and then a lovely reddish one - It's still way too early for the red one.Then I uploaded a bunch of foties on Flickr, gave Small a headrub or two & thought about what to cook for dinner. I think it will be Ilva's Black Pepper & Cognac Chicken with Braised Brussel Sprouts with Rosemary & Parmesan Cheese On the side. May even rip the cork out of a bottle of red!
UPDATE: Mr Brown could not be described as a fan of the noble brussel sprout (and has been known to leave them on his plate) ate the rosemary & parmesan jobs all up! Yet another sucess via Lucullian Delights!

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