Thursday, May 11

Evacuated ...

From the office twice today, a sign of Mr Howard's relaxed & comfortable but alert (be alert, you country needs lerts, heheheheehe) new Australia I guess.
First time was a "test" or drill, down the stairs we all walked. Then, when I attempted to return after lunch
(delicious yum cha, oh how I love yum cha) we weren't allowed in and those still inside were told to get out. Some sort of bomb threat at the post office next door (lucky I did all my red frog posting yesterday!).
Lordy, was ages before we could get back to work (saddo that I am, yes I wanted to get back - loads to get done before I bugger orf to greener pastures). Fingers crossed for a quiet day tomorrow (bugger, I've probably just jinxed myself).

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