Sunday, May 14

Litter rage

As we were driving along Norton Street today (on the way to do the supermarket & grocer shopping), watching all the families in their Sunday best, wandering down for Mothers' Day lunch (a marketing ploy the Mouse Mother does not buy into - besides, we don't need the shops to tell us to be nice to the mumski), I saw a young woman (in one of those family groups) just plain drop her apple core on the footpath. There was a rubbish bin in plain sight only 50 metres or so further on, but no, the apple core was too damn heavy & she'd rather just drop it as she walked.
Now you see this all the time but for some reason, this sunny Sunday, it filled me with fury & I actually wound down the window & shouted "there's a bin just ahead you know". Didn't even look around! Mood that I was in I suspect that if we had been walking behind her I'd have picked it up and handed it back with a plithy remark. Selfish little slut (in the old-fashioned sense of the word, I know nothing of her sexual habits).
So, we treated ourselves to a lunch cooked by someone else. Bought way too much food and came home for some pre-winter gardening. You know the sort of thing, sprinkled most of a 15 kilo bag of Dynamic Lifter around (pooohwheee, you don't want to visit our garden anytime soon. Still it's the only revenge we get on the noisy drunken neighbours - they sit outside all through autumn and winter but not for a week or so after we do the dynamic lifter thing, heheheheehe), dead headed spent flowers, and mulched with the Canberra leaves.Sydney (or the bit we live in anyway) is crap for autumn, no leaves at all really, not even the Japanese Maple in our yard does much of a drop.So, believing autumn leaves are good for dirt & worms, every year we visit my Mum to collect the bags of leaves she's collected from her garden for us. Then we sprinkle them about quite thickly, over the dynamic lifter, and water it all down.There's a bit of a problem looming though, Mum is retiring to Bundeena at the end of the year - no more Canberra leaves, what will we do?


caw said...

gack! that rubbish thing is so insane making isn't it. the rubbish skips at our apartment are often full to overflowing - i rang the "community director" last week, begging him to empty them for they are a health risk due to the stench and outright filth, and all he gave me was a 25 minute lecture about why he couldn't get them emptied. I hung up on him - but not before I told him I was not aware that we were living in a 3rd world country where it seems quite the norm to have peurile rubbish scattered all over the carpark and footpath.

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Am I right in suspecting your "community director" didn't think the skips should be emptied because he didn't want to lift his fat bum of the couch?

caw said...

Yes. His bum looks big in that skip.

The CD as I call him is also Flubber (see my post, re: PO Flubber - in the comments bit). Useless, floppy flubber - all wobbly when confronted and melts when placed in the sun.

I even took a photo of the 3rd world rubbish today. Perhaps I should ring Angelina Jolie and ask if she'd like to come to our 3rd world car park to inspect the skip tip for herself. Who knows, there could be a child inside that damned skip.

Anonymous said...

you gonna post that pic?