Saturday, May 20

Product lust


Both from Where did you buy that? (as are the images). Thanks CAW, more to add to my "one day" list.

And here is a little tale about noisy neighbour generated rage.


caw said...

I'm loving those minkeys - want me to get them for you? How much are they?? (I ask about the minkeys because I know that breadbin will bankrupt us both LOL)

oo la.


caw said...

Hey, you've rearranged your RH column - I'm loving it. I've been trying to do mine for a while now but having the attention span of a gnat has really worked against me!! Ruddy komputers, blergh.

Ms Brown Mouse said...

I don't suppose the minkeys are cheap as an empty wine bottle either!!! Me with my top shelf taste and bargin bin income will just have to deal with the ever-lengthening wish list. Knocked something off it the otherday, 30% off at DJs, bought Mr Brown's birthday pressie for me (and now I have to wait till I can use it, bummer).