Thursday, May 18

Excuse ...

for not posting for a few days. I'm desperately trying to sort my shit-fight of a job into some sort of order before I walk away from it for a year - why I cannot say except I blame my mother. She installed some sort of ghastly work ethic-y, guilt thing as part of my programming and I can't just walk away without a care going "tralala, someone else can work it out".
Damn, is that Jiminy Cricket on my shoulder? (Image thanks to...)


caw said...

How much do we love that work ethic. Good on you, that's what I say.

Afterall, you will be back in a year and if the team's last memory was "OMG, that rat DMM let it go to hell b4 she deserted the sinking ship" ... then that could be a tad ickky on your return.

Do as much as you can and for what you simply can't finish for whatever reason, give them your new number - then chill. We can only do so much. The frogs and I say "goodonya" :)

Ms Brown Mouse said...

ALL DONE - last 2 RMLs are approved & gone - desk is (reasonably) clear. I've left them my crystal ball and a picture of small & ping to keep things cheery!