Wednesday, May 10


to report today - just bla. Oh, wait, I posted a kilo of red frogs to america - does that count as something? Oh, oh, the NRMA careflight helicopter landed in the school near our house today while I was at work - covering the suburb with dust - coated the inside of our house because the front door and window were open. Mr Brown was forced to get busy with the vacuum cleaner. So there, that's something to report afterall.
Photos by Mr Brown, who rushed over to chat to the pilot (he's such a boy)


caw said...

I'm loving the fotie of the chopper, Mr Brown is a clever clog for taking pix of it.

In the meantime, I sit and wait by the door for the postman to arrive LOL

Hey I had a dream about Kerry Packer last night, we were all spraying water guns, him and a whole bunch of kids. What do you think it means? It was v odd.

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Hmmm, dream means you will soon be rolling in packer-loads of cash!