Monday, May 15

Be nice

To some furry animals.
To some breasts.
To some hungry folk.
To some kiddies who can't read.

There, my community service is done.


caw said...

You know how your score on the Evil rating said you were Truly Evil? Well, I don't believe it for a second.
If you were, you wouldn't be so nice to all these other clicketty click sites (which I clicked for it is the right thing to do).
I think that test is not quite 100% ;)

spindleshanks said...

be nice to some breasts?? anyone's breasts in particular. i'm sure if i clicked on the fancyh blue bit all would be made clear but i'm lazy at following up links. i shall instead live with my confusion. and imagine which breasts i should be being nice to.

Ms Brown Mouse said...

I remember some comedian door stopping a bunch of Australian politicians at Parliament House on TV once, basically asking for their particular party line on breast. Most of the humourless bastards were grumpy with "no comment" and pushing past being serious. A Labor Party chap, can't remember which one, got into the spirit of things, declaring the LP as being "all in favour of breasts", warmed my heart that did.
As for which breasts you would be nice to, elderly cancer prone ones I suspect, by clicking you help pay for a mammogram for someone (with breasts).

Ms Brown Mouse said...

CAW - I'm just pretending, it's all part of my evil plan to lure people into a false sense of security - mrooogggahahahahahahaaha.

caw said...

omg. Standing by ... ! ROFL i still don't believe the test was correct.