Sunday, May 7

Needs and Wants

A silly game for the interweb. Google your name + needs and then your name + wants, pick out the first 10 - some ring true. I cheated a bit with Morgan, otherwise I'd have had a lot of whoha about what cars need & want. Morgan does want (needs) a bright pink Morgan by the way, if anyone has one floating about spare!

Morgan needs sleep. Yep.
Morgan needs a policy that recognises its unique features. I’ll read that as HER unique features and, sure, why not!
Morgan needs to be in control of people and situations. Picked me like a nose – I do indeed.
Morgan needs a home. Don’t we all?
Morgan needs to be changed, dressed and bathed. Daily but I can do it myself.
Morgan needs to get in there and write some more songs. MORE songs?
Morgan needs to start blogging again. I’ve not stopped yet but I’ll keep this in mind.
Morgan needs to take a non traditional approach in a newer/nontraditional field. OK.
Morgan Needs a Maid. YES, yes, yes!
Morgan needs to stop drinking on Monday nights. Bossy bastard interweb, mind your own business.

Morgan wants to be role model for black youth. I don’t want to be a role model for anyone.
Morgan wants to do 21 things. What? Like eat 21 gummy bears?
Morgan wants to strike it rich. True enuff.
Morgan wants to hear ideas, gripes, and whatever else is on employees' minds. I do bloody NOT.
Morgan wants a new debate set the hounds running. It couldn’t hurt.
Morgan wants to increase its count of neighborhood retail branches. Ummm, maybe.
Morgan wants to play, too. But not games, I’m not a games person.
Morgan wants to help launch the next generation of Yahoo!s, Googles, eBays, and Amazon.coms. Crikey I’ll be busy won’t I? (and rich one hopes).
Morgan wants the reader to believe that people who don't share the feminist viewpoint must be small-minded, intolerant savages. Or at the very least a deluded grumpy boy!
Morgan wants to take her career in the future. Narr, she just wants to earn more moola.

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caw said...

Um. Perhaps I am just really thick today but I tried this and all I got was a link to an Asian chick with my name.

Should the needs / wants thing take me to a particular URL? Methinks you were just lucky pet!

Ms Brown Mouse said...

bugger, just one? blerg, no fun!