Wednesday, April 19

Whoever said the internet was a cold and lonely place ...

Can't have been talking about food bloggers.
I found a lovely food and photography blog whilst aimlessly ambling through the internet recently, Lucullian Delights (I've popped it in the sidebar thingy).
Ilva lives & cooks in Tuscany and uses some unfamiliar kitchen measurements like dr (decilitres). Not quite understanding what this was I chanced an email to ask (I really wanted to make some biscuits she had posted and with baking guess-work is out).
I got a lovely reply and a suggestion of where I could find a tool for the measuring (Mr Brown & I are off to Ikea this weekend). Ilva was perfectly charming and most forgiving of my extra questions (for the purposes of clarification, as I said, baking is an exact science).
So, as the cook was that nice, I figured her recipes must be most excellent. And they are. I tried her vegetable pie with pine nuts and goats' cheese for dinner tonight and it went down a treat (despite Mr Brown's "no meat" face).
Lookie, isn't it beautiful? And there's delicious leftovers for lunch tomorrow too.
On a completely different note, pop over and see Ping playing the dominatrix.
Oh, I think this photie is too cute not to post!


caw said...

oo la. The fotos on the cooking lady's blog are lovely. So fresh and colourful.

Ms Brown Mouse said...

And SO YUMMY - I've just made some bickies, will blog photies cos they are cutiepies!

Ilva said...

oh oh oh, I NEVER expected this-you are just too nice!

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Ilva, my theory is if you are nice it tends to reflect right back at you!

caw said...

Divine!! I love it :)