Thursday, April 20

The delicious smell of ...

biscuits fill the house as I type & I've burned my tongue eating one straight off the tray - bloody hell, ouch.
Thanks to Lucullian Delights I embarked on a biscuit bake when I got home, after a bit of shop trawling for ground hazelnuts and rice flour (I picked brown cos it's gotta be better for you, right?)
I made the Ricotta & Hazelnut biscuits and they turned out quite well I think. There's hardly any left and they're not even cold yet so I know Mr Brown approves anyway.
Mmmm, wonder if I'll become a food blogger ....

And the first pink camellias of autumn have come out to brighten up our days.I was without the internet all day at work today - the horror - it quite felt like the dark ages and come upon us. I had to go book shopping on the way home to help me get over the shock. And there's a danger we won't have it tomorrow either, I'm not sure my fragile health will hold up!

And hey, did nobody think Ping was the cutest thing on four legs in her black leather gear? What are you, heartless?


caw said...

Hey, these look a tad tasty. Yumscious. Did I tell you B bought a cake mix thingie from the store the other day?
Yes. A lemon flavoured one.
He has not baked it yet for it requires time, which he has been in short supply of ... however, the wierd thing was the icing.
You can buy READY MADE icing here in little tubs.
Tubs of icing! Gack! The Thought!

I may not be a gourmet cooker type person but I do know that ready made icing is so not the done thing.

Perish the thought.

I, of course, said nothing so as not to offend his American sensibilities and I am vaguely curious to assess its flavour. Altho, I may have to pinch my nose during the tasting process ;)

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Perhas you should ask Steve don't eat that! to try it for you!