Wednesday, April 19

If you have a couple of moments to spare...

In your busy day, do go & read this. Make sure you read the comment war too, tres educational.
I always thought my father was a grumpy-pants control freak when I was growing up but, wow, I really had no idea how lucky I was. Even at his worst I can't imagine him dragging me along to a "chastity ball" and making me pledge to remain a virgin until the day I married, while dressed in a facsimile of a bridal gown!


spindleshanks said...

no but i've never forgotten him telling me i looked like an "abo" because i sat squatting down! oh childhood. I also remember him letting us pretend to get squiffy on teeny measures of red wine at one of your folks parties when the back room was still a building site. Parents, eh?

caw said...

Woah this article is freaky friday ++
I would like to believe that in this country 320m people, that at least half of them would be normal. I know.
Such unrealistically high expectations have I ... sigh.
That whole ball thing is flat out whacky.
My folks forbade me to wear impossibly high heels or ludicrous makeup until I was 16 but that was fine because the novelty was over before it started. I was always quite grateful for that.

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Yers well, not terribly PC the old man. With me he would fluctuate wildly between “accusations” of being a lesbian if I didn’t have a boyfriend and slutdom if (he thought) I did – strange man, he has mellowed a bit, but not much.

Ms Brown Mouse said...

CAW, I too was forbidden makeup but my mum let me have some "heels" - spoilt rotten by the mumkins, Mr Brown says she has a lot to answer for - cheeky bugger - as if he can talk, first born son and all!