Monday, April 3

Today ...

was my first day back after a week off.
On my way up George St I saw ...
A man with a false leg
A man in a dress & straw cowboy hat,
Apples for a $1 each at the fruit stand on the corner.

I remembered my password first try, a sure sign you've not been away long enough.


caw said...

oo. Speaking of apples, I saw an ad today in the Classifieds for:

One bug-eyed appleheaded teacup.

I laughed my head off. Someone wanted a chihuahua and that is waht they are called.

Is $1 an apple expensive or cheap? I am losing all grip on what's a reasonable price and what's not.

Don't buy them tho. Gack, covered in pollution and road tar they are.

Ms Brown Mouse said...

I think $1 for an apple is way too much - I never buy from there as I always though the fruit would be covered in road dust and cough germs. Sounds like you did at least once anyhoo.
I wouldn't have got the bug-eyed teacup ref but appleheaded I do get. I prefer appleheaded siamese cats to the aliens they are breeding now!

spindleshanks said...

$1 an apple! makes london seem positively bargain-basement. ican get them for 40p at liverpool street fruit stall. oh hang on - that is about a $1 isn't it.
holidays are never long enough, by their very nature. especially if they are spent doing massive and v impressive house cleaning tasks.

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Yers - I SHOULD have taken 2 weeks, one for cleaning frenzy and 1 to recover. I'm exhausted & grumpy, clearly in need of a holiday!
I buy my apples at the Norton St Grocer, about $3 for 6-8, depending on the breed.