Sunday, April 2

I last got a haircut in ...

May 2005. So I guess I must be growing my hair back. It's been 10 years since I had long hair but I'm already remembering why I cut it all off in the first place, (and it hasn't even reached my shoulders yet).
I'm already using much more shampoo and have had to start using a conditioner again. And the hair, my but a lot of it falls out, and everywhere. You just don't notice when it's short (or you blame the boy of the house). And I have to use a hairdryer every morning which is a pain, no more comb back and out the door for me. You can get away with wet hair at the station when it's short, it may be mistaken for gel afterall, but wet long(ish) hair at the station - nope - it looks lank, greasy and generally not nice.
I recall exactly why I cut my hair off all those years ago - it was summer, bloody hot and I kept getting a sort of heat rash on the back of my neck right under the hairline. Yuck. And all I ever did was wear it in a pigtail to keep it off my face, which made me look a little earth-motherish - which I am not. So, I wandered into a rather fancy salon on my day off and asked if I could have a hair cut, right now. I could & I did, "off with it" I said, "short and sassy for me".
I took the severed hair home, all done up in a plait (which I still have somewhere I think), and presented it to Mr Brown (he was another reason I cut it off, he kept lying on it in bed which was quite painful if I tried to sit up before rolling him off it). He was a little shocked but acknowledged it was my hair and it wasn't him who had to look after the stuff. Besides I'd had quite short hair when I met him (the length has a tendency to fluctuate a bit), it wasn't as if I'd been indulging in any false advertising (my didn't THAT post cause a brouhaha and a half?).
I'm not sure how long I'll continue without a hair cut but I'm quite enjoying the waves and glossiness at the moment and since summer is over it won't bother me until November or December, let's see how long it gets by then.


caw said...

Well done on the Growing Of Hair thing.

Your timing is spooky - I had a hair cut 2 days ago. Only, I cut it myself ... lopped off two inches, threw hot oil in it & stuff.

It's come straight (no 45 degree angles) and non-frizzy and .. well, quite nice - considering it was DIY.

Certainly, I understand the Cutting It Really Short thing. It gets hot on the neck, the ears, it gets in the eyes and etc. I've had 2 or 3 buzz cuts in my life and it was triffic. Fuss free. Lovely.

God my hair was so short it was a miracle I was not drafted in to the army by mistake.

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Back in the mid 80's I had an Annie Lennox lookalike hairdo, REALLY short, spikey and fire-engine red - didn't help the singing much!