Tuesday, April 4

I think ...

This twit needs to stop wearing form-fitting leather pants in gay bars if he doesn't want gay guys to hit on him.

I may give making this a go (or at least ask my Mum to make if for me). I knew I couldn't be the only person in the world to find a crustacean cute.

This may be the cutest thing I've ever seen (other than Ping of course). Don't you just love CuteOverload?

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Oh, and this is great, my Mum sent it to me, she's concerned I keep up with all the cool kids. If only I was clever enough to replace the face with little johnny howard's I'd be all blissykins.


caw said...

Re the self-confessed 'snappy' dresser. I was surprised he felt his wife should be the one to 'scrub up' and be more presentable so that others didn't think he was gay.

Pardon me, but how did other peoples' opinions of HIM become HER responsibility?

What a supercilious prick!

Even if his wife dressed up like a Linda Evangelista uber-babe, gay men will STILL think her husband is gay. His wife's appearance has nothing to do with his own.

The only difference being the gay fellas might like her shoes, and therefore buy her a Manhattan too.

People like this man make me gnash my teeth on the desk.

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Be careful with your teeth - you'll be needing them when you are old (unless you want to eat creamed stuff, ick).
Yers, he made me cross - and the whole leather pants thing - I'm sorry but once I've seen a man in leather pants I can a) no longer fancy him, b) no longer take him seriously (unless they are motor bike leathers of course, they are different, mostly).

caw said...

and PS: did i tell you that cuteoverload made our local paper over here? indeed it is most cuteable.

by the way, do you mind me saying "prick" on your blog? i ventured so far as to say "bloody" and "shit" on mine, but as my parents read it, i do temper my language somewhat. i would only say "prick" on yours if i had noticed some even worser language on it. and i recall some pretty colorful lingo (which made me feel right at home i might add!) so i thought saying the P word would be all right.

Ms Brown Mouse said...

fuck no CAW you go right ahead and swear like a trooper!