Saturday, April 22

Reading ...

I read this in bed on Thursday night, all the way through. It was one of the books I bought to help myself recover from the horror of almost a whole day without the interwebski.
It really is the sweetest wee book, all about love and superheros and jealousy and love and heartbreak and perfection and ... love.
I highly recommend it as just the thing if you are feeling a little mooshy & soft. Which, given my last post, clearly I am at the moment. But don't worry, it won't last.

I started reading this one last night (another of my recovery purchases). From this book I learned that, as a peep with A-type blood, I'm 20% more likely to get stomach cancer. Other than that unnerving fact, it had me and Mr Brown larfing out loud in bed. I'm an incorrigible
reader-out-loud-of-good-bits. So is Mr Brown, but his preferred bedtime reading is car magazines & what he considers good bit make my brain bleed. He knows this, he says he can see from my face that I'm going "lalalalalalalalalalaa" on the inside. And still he insists on sharing. Which is nice I suppose, better than throwing frozen chickens at me that's fer sure.


caw said...

ooo. Yes. We have a mini collection of motor cycle mags ... my eyes glaze over & the roller door comes down before the Out Loud Reading has a chance to begin. Altho, I loves to do the Over Excited Pointing Out Thing with the yachting & diving mags. Can't help myself.

I might have a go at reading Andy Kauffman when I get thru some more Uni books. Blergh. Those books are like concrete shoes.

Altho on the upside, I've almost finished a small book of Jungian poetry about the mortal human's relationship with it's shadow. Rather illuminating.

Ms Brown Mouse said...

We have a relationshipe with our shadows? One of the Superheros in the Kauffman book doesn't have a shadow - it wasn't happy with him so he told it, it should leave.
Mr Brown does the excited point out thing when we are out driving, he gets most cross when I say most cars look the same nowadays!