Saturday, April 8

New photies

Over at Flickr, including this one of a Currawong who visits from time to time. And this one of Small enjoying the autumn sun this very morning.
OOOH, got my very first penis enlargement spam email today - I feel like I've finally arrived!


caw said...

Is Small eye-spying a butterfly doing a fly-by?

And I LOVE that circle on the fotie. Of course, I love the Currawong but that circle is smarty.

My parents are visited every morning by Butcher birds on their farm. They come to eat up my father's toast and sing loudly (a) when they are hungry, (b) when they are full, (c) when they are happy.

So, their little property is chock-full of happy birdsong all day long really (my dad has to eat a lot of toast to satisfy those birds).

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Small is acknowledging my "look at me Small" call. The second photo (flickr) is her with her back turned!
Mr Brown's mum feeds dozens and dozens of Magpies. She started with a couple, who alerted friends to the free food, and then the babies came, and their babies - it's an amazing sight - and they all sing for their supper too. LOVE magpies.

spindleshanks said...

i thought that the white circle was a handy piece of plastic coated metal that was stuck to the top of your garden seat and the currawong was standing in the middle of it. just as i was thinking "oh isn't that a clever currawong, it really stands out in the photo by standing in that circle of white plastic coated metal stuck to etc" i realised. i'm sure i didn't used to be stupid. before i was 38.

Ms Brown Mouse said...

SS - although Currawongs are a particularly clever sort of birdie we are most remiss in the provision of birdie furniture! Your thought is a nice idea though, I may get Mr Brown to put his mind to it. Happy Birthday by the way.