Saturday, April 8

Mr Brown is one clever monkey

He has set up ADSL (broadband) at home and conjured up some sort of network thingy with firewalls and other stuff!
It's so fast - I am one very happy little mouse-kin.
Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy.
(Apparently it is quite difficult to contact me by telepone at the weekends - what with the mobile telephone turned off - horrid thing - and me playing internetskis!)


caw said...

I hadn't seen the happy happy joy joy song for AGES! ahhh, I loves it.

Mr Brown gets a Clever Clog Award I must say. Boys are terribly handy for these computer tasks. B set up my laptop all wireless so that when I'm at the local caf (eating pretzels & drinking zinfandel) i can also be surfing and sending emails.

We love those boys very muchly.

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Yers they are terribly useful. Not that we couldn't do all of this ourselves of course, if we had to. But hey, why would we?