Sunday, April 9

Autumn treat cancelled ....

We'd planned a little treat for ourselves, a drive up the mountains to Mt Tomah Botanic Garden to look at the autumn colour, visit the dinosaur tree and have a nice long lunch. Not to be I'm afraid, after a blood in urine scare involving Ms Small - she's at the vet's now, while they wait for her to produce a sample for them to test. I, of course, scared myself stupid goggling the symptoms and convincing myself the poor wee furry had feline diabetes. The vet's quite sure it's just little infection in the bladder, easily fixed, but traumatic for a poor old cat who hates going to the vets - you can hear us as we trundle along in the ute, that distinctive Siamese howl cannot be ignored. That's why we travel with the windows up.
Poor Small, it's an overnight stay at the vet as she refuses to wee on demand.Update: Small is back home & sitting in the sunshine, all she requires is a couple of pills and yet another "special diet" - anyone else ever tried to keep one cat from eating another cat's special dinner? Not the easiest version of cat wrangling!

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