Monday, April 17

New cat furniture ...

For Ping, to keep her entertained while we are not at home.
Mr Brown drove down to Canberra yesterday to lunch with his twin sisters, Sinister & Dexter, for their birthday, and his Mum (I was MUCH too sick to attend said festivities). On the way he popped in to see my Mum who had scooped up a bargain cat gym thingy when a pet shop closed down. When he got home last night he built it right away - Ping, naturally, played with the box it came in first,
and then the thing itself.I think she likes it Mumkins! purry ta! (more Ping & her new toy at Flickr, and some rather nice toad lily photies too)

Oh, Pruned is at it again. I think, when we finally get around to putting stained glass in the front door, I want it to look like this. I wonder if that will be possible?
And because america is a day behind, I didn't get to see this until today.


caw said...

omg, B does zombie impersonations just like the Jesus one in the cartoonage! It freaks me out tho, I run screaming from the room and straight under the doona. He loves those B grade zombie movies.

Miss Ping's gym thing is the bees knees. If I had one like that, I could get fit quite quickly.

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Does he paint his face green?

caw said...

Noooo, but he does that whole 'eyes rolling back in his head with the floppy arms and the stiff legs' thing --- it is *freaky* man. Makes me jump a hundred miles into the air every time.

Did I send you the 'youtube' link to the funny cat medley? The one with all the kitty kats doing funny strange things in mirrors and whatnot?