Sunday, April 16

Our Library

Our Library
Originally uploaded by dancingmorganmouse.
This is the most viewed photo from my Flickr account, 24 views & someone has pegged it as a favourite. The second most viewed is my rescued dragonfly.


caw said...

Crumbs! Peeps love your library set up - perhaps they're going to copy it? I love it that they like the rescued dragonfly - perhaps they've never seen one before? (in the same vein as the toad lily - which I saw for the first time on your Flickr action).

Flickr is fab but the publicness of it kind of freaks me out a bit. Not that I'm a paranoid android, obsessed with privacy or anything (much)...

Ms Brown Mouse said...

You know of course that at Flickr you can just mark your photies private and nobody can see them unless you let them - like the wedding photies I have up there - only you & me can see those!
I rather like my library too - but then, it's mine. Perhaps peeps are book-o-philes like me!