Friday, March 17

Way to make me feel ....


I was chatting to a friend yesterday and he told me that he and his workmates were throwing an 1980s-themed afternoon tea today, for a fellow worker who had joined the public service in 1981. "Hmm," I mused, "I started high school in 1981". My friend replied, "I was 6".


So that means I could have been his babysitter.

It gets worse.

I'm training a young women where I work and I told her about this 1980s-themed event. "1981" she said "I hadn't been born yet".


Is it any wonder I ate 3 Krispy Kreme doughnuts at morning tea? Is it?

I feel ill.


caw said...

Oh my, I relate all too well. I have a wonderful friend who is a mere 22 years old (can you believe that?). Her freinds think it is hysterical that she has a friend (me) who is so old, ie: 41.

They laugh and roll their eyes and think it's all very twee.

But in her defence JP is 22 going on 45.

And she's up with the whole 80s shooting match - the hair, the fash, the music, the lot. She makes an effort to learn about what was cool before she was born and that's why she's such a charm.

spindleshanks said...

40s is the new black dmm, don't be dismayed. and besides, people who weren't born in the 80s will never understand the power of the new romantics - -would you really wanted to have missed duran duran?

caw said...

Which reminds me, Depeche Mode is currently touring the US. I thought they'd expired from a ghastly talcum powder habit but it appears they have withstood the test of time.

Take heart.

Wouldn't you rather have pop culture memories of Spandau Ballet (or Plastique Bertrand!) rather than Britney Spears or Lindsay Lohan?

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Thanks girlies - I'll confess I'm very very glad indeed that I'm not growing up now - I don't think I handle the whole slut-culture thing very well (oooh, grumpy old lady me). & Yes yes yes to Duran Duran, Ultravox, Waterboys & Fine Young Cannibals. & all the cute boys in those haircut bands, with their puffy shirts and eyeliner.
Oh, SS, 40s is the new 30s too (according to Mr Brown, well over THAT little bump in the road).

caw said...

I heard that 50 is the new 35.

There is hope for me yet.

Ms Brown Mouse said...

My mum is 27 & a bit. My siblings & I threw the bit a 21st birthday party some years ago and still she remains, unrepentantly, 27 & a bit!

caw said...

Yes, my mum reached 40 and promptly started going backwards year by year.

Some parts of her are now 60-something but in her mind, she is back in her 20s which I think is terrific.