Sunday, March 19

Attack of the ...

Domestic goddess-ness
This week I've baked an orange & raspberry cake, a zuccinni cake (sorry, CAW, it was hacked into before I could take a picture for you), a dozen banana muffins (Mr Brown's morning teas) & some wee savoury ones (for having with soup). I've tested two new dinner recipes (vintners' chicken & an eggplant pilaff thingy) & finally got around to folding & putting away about a month's worth of clean washing (it was beginning to glare most banefully at me). Of couse, being Sunday, I'm in the process of creating new clean washing to replace it but am determined to put it away, straight off the line.
And now I've gone & booked in a week off at the end of the month to do my top to bottom "autumn clean" (now the weather is cooling I can face the thought of housework again) because I just can't stand the mess anymore.
I may even tackle a bit more of the book organisation. I'm sort of halfway though this very long-term work in progress.
Oh, I've uploaded a few more foties on Flickr, to use up the March allocation.